Here you’ll find the basic information you need to know about TIA’s Network of the Future® 2018 conference. From dates and times to information on who attends and why you’ll find everything you need to convince you that NOF18 is a must-attend event this year.

Where is NOF18?

The Network of the Future® 2018 conference will take place in Plano, Texas at the Dallas Plano Marriott Hotel at Legacy Town Center.

When is it?

The Network of the Future® 2018 will take place on Tuesday, June 5 through Thursday, June 8, 2018. The mornings of June 5-6 will contain keynote speakers and moderated panel discussions.

On June 7 and 8, TIA will hold multiple Working Group Sessions for TIA’s Technology Programs initiatives.

NOF18 is held in conjunction with AT&T’s invitation-only 2018 Supplier Summit, taking place Wednesday, June 6 from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m., also at the Dallas Plano Marriott Hotel at Legacy Town Center.

Who should attend NOF18?

The Network of the Future® 2018 attracts a robust attendee base consisting of key industry influencers and executives, industry professionals in business development and marketing, engineering and technical telecom practitioners, industry analysts and decision makers from across the information and communications technology (ICT) ecosystem.

From equipment manufacturers, suppliers, system integrators, distributors, chipmakers, service providers and operators, the Network of the Future® 2018 offers educational and business opportunities for individuals involved across the entire ICT supply chain.

Our attendees produce the essential high-tech products, services and applications that enable reliable communications networks around the globe and are also from industries across sectors that are integrating communications technologies into their business to be more efficient and help them compete in global marketplace.

Why Attend?

This year’s focus at the Network of the Future® will center on the essential infrastructure foundations needed for advancing the connectivity across every industry and every market.

Join hundreds of communications professionals and interested stakeholders from other industries benefiting from communications technologies for educational sessions, exciting keynotes, and business networking opportunities at the TIA Network of the Future® 2018 conference.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES. Advance your professional skill set and stay informed of critical industry technology trends and policy updates by attending panel discussions and interactive town hall type sessions. You’ll hear differing points of view, data-backed case studies and analysis, new ideas, and future outlooks that could impact upcoming business decisions and help you discover how to be more productive. and your clients.

NETWORK WITH PEERS AND INDUSTRY LEADERS. The Network of the Future® 2018 conference provides a great opportunity to collaborate with other business professionals in the field and across other industries where communications technology is being deployed, uncover new prospects and spark inspiration.

ENCOUNTER NEW VENDORS AND SUPPLIERS. Learn more about the current business developments happening inside the industry and across the numerous markets leveraging connectivity and discover innovative products and services to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world out to your peers and your clients.

POSITION YOURSELF AS AN EXPERT. Advance your and your company’s reputation as a credible issue expert in areas such as broadband infrastructure deployment, smart buildings and communities, interoperability, security, sustainability, virtualized networks, public safety communications, and more. Stand out to your peers and your clients.